Chartered Psychologist (PsSI), with a special interest in Positive Psychology

Niamh Hannan is a Chartered Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland, and a Professional Coach (ICF registered, accredited to ACC level). She is also an Accredited Thought Leader in Empowering Authentic Leadership, with the All Ireland Business Foundation.
Niamh is passionate about empowering leaders to escape self-doubt and stress and become clear and confident in who they are and their innate potential to achieve and lead.
Her way of working is about using evidence-based approaches in a soulful way that feels right for you. Niamh works with:
Senior leaders who are ready to clear limitations and are committed to being at their personal and professional best Organizations who want to support the personal growth and wellbeing of their workforce.

Over the past 22+ years Niamh has worked with 1000s of people, both 1to1 and in groups; in companies including Virgin Media, Gore Mutual Canada, Allianz, KPMG, Facebook, YouTube, Thinscale Technology, Cornmarket, VHI, Irish Stock Exchange, law companies, and many more; as well as various Government Departments and universities (including Uni Stuttgart, UCD, Trinity College, Royal College of Physicians Ireland) – helping them to reduce stress, build resilience and wellbeing, support the development of emotional intelligence and generally be happier!

Niamh currently offers a 6 month program for leaders within organizations focusing on building resilience in order to lead teams who thrive; ‘Looking After the Leaders’. She also offers 1to1 coaching to leaders, taking on a limited number each year; and she has an online group program empowering women in leadership, ‘The Core Connected Leader’. Her website is


Down through the years, Niamh has been contacted by many in the media field and she has written and contributed to many articles in the press (incl. The Sunday Business Post, the Irish Examiner, The Irish Independent, as well as Parenting magazines) and been interviewed on various radio shows, including The Pat Kenny Show, 2fm’s The Nicky Byrne show, Newstalk’s Moncrieff show, Today fm, KFM, Highland Radio, among others.

Niamh has also been contracted by PR companies to comment on psychological-related research and respond to any ensuing media interest (usually involving several radio interviews).

I found this course to be extremely practical, engaging and informative. Niamh was brilliant and I would highly recommend her. I would be very interested in further sessions.

Team Lead, VHI (1 day workshop)

“When it comes to explaining the difference Niamh has made in my life it is so hard to put into words….
My life is changing and it’s unreal. My business has started to grow at a huge rate. I am happy in my own company and don’t need to be distracted by others, my friendships have flourished and the toxins have gone and this is only the beginning”

Extract from a letter from a client

Niamh has a practical, real life approach to introducing change into your life to increase your sense of happiness and wellbeing.

Mary Mac Sweeny, Deputy Head of LEO Dublin City

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other"
J. Kennedy