ReBoot to ReLaunch Programme

The VERT 8 Week Programme for leaders and entrepreneurs combines 1:1 coaching with our three highly experienced coaches, psychometric testing and an immersive 24-hour residential stay.

You will be empowered to look within, build self-awareness, learn new skills, take responsibility for and develop the discipline to grow your resilience so that you emerge stronger, ready for the challenges leaders face in today’s world. 

Lockdown, working from home, managing remote teams, looking after employee wellbeing – all of these challenges had to be prioritised, on top of the day to day roles, the normal job you do. The challenge of adjusting to hybrid working means the work environment is changing for the long-term. The role of leaders is changing.  The  VERT 8 Week programme will support you to reimagine your leadership, for you, for your team and for your organisation.

Through awareness comes change

Re-Imagine your body & mind in its optimal state

  • Feeling fit
  • Nourished 
  • Rested 
  • Mindful 
  • Aware of what you really need to be in your optimal state

The VERT 8 Week Programme takes a holistic approach to support our clients. To be at your best as a leader, you need to feel alert, calm & focused, leading by example to create a productive and happy work environment.

Our team of coaches, fitness experts & psychologists will help you assess and rate your:

  • Sleep
  • Fitness levels 
  • Mind /stress levels 
  • Nutrition 
  • Social & Emotional competencies
  • Character Strengths

Helping you set clear and focused goals on your way to creating your optimal state


  • Reflective space away from it all
  • Consciously develop your leadership skills
  • Understand your strengths and recognize strengths in others
  • Recognize and build awareness around areas of personal development
  • Boost performance, get the leading edge
  • Boost your wellbeing & build resilience
  • Feel energized and rejuvenated



Prior to your first coaching session, you will be invited to complete:

  • An online Health & Wellbeing Assessment
  • An online EQi2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment (or alternative psychometric) 

One-to-One Coaching Sessions x3

You will receive 3 x one-to-one coaching sessions, one with each coach. One of these sessions will be your EQi/Psychometric feedback session. Another will be a detailed analysis of your physical and mental wellbeing, supporting you to look at:
  • What is working well
  • What are your challenges
  • Assessment of your current ‘leadership plan’ 
Your final coaching session towards the end of the programme will be an opportunity to look at:
  • How are you applying what you’ve learned?
  • How have you changed, how are you different?
  • Your plans and goals going forward


A completely immersive transformational experience for Leaders & Entrepreneurs, focusing on mind, body & performance. 

Get away from it all to beautiful surroundings, meeting like-minded leaders, immersing yourself in personal and professional development training to draw out your best self. This is not a spa break though – you will be kept on your toes at a brisk pace, you will put the work in to get the results that you’ve longed for. This intensive experience will take you out of your everyday surroundings and challenge you to stretch, unlock your potential and re-imagine the possibilities for you, your team and your organisation.

  • 1:1 Coaching session
  • Self-awareness workshops 
  • Wellbeing & Self-Management sessions
  • Movement workshops
  • Mindfulness sessions
  • Self Leadership planning

Continuous online support

Keep on track with 24-hour access to our online resources and community throughout the 8-week programme.

Great leaders encourage leadership development by openly developing themselves.

Marshall Goldsmith